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MR Photoelectricity is known as "The Weather Vane" of LED market trends.

MRLED is Sparkling in the USA 2017 Infocomm,Let’s Rock and Roll

InfoComm 2017 is kicking off in the Orange County Convention Center of the USA on June 14,MR LED attends the exhibition as international famous led full color led display integration service specialist. CEO Mr. Chen Zebo is leading the elite sales team, bringing hot products and project solutions to show on the site, which attracts the great attention from lots of new and long-term cooperation customers.


For this time, the background theme of the MR Led booth is mainly focusing on the black and blue color as the decoration to show vivid, gorgeous and elegant expression, which keep consistent with MR LED’s long history of high quality effect and sparkling us out in the exhibition. 

We install and decorate the booth with our hot led display products of spider series and blade series.Spider is a big hit products which is mainly concentrated on the rental market.For this model, there is independent module and integrated control chip design, which can automatically memorize the module working data to keep the data same with the replaced one,real-time feedback and error data monitoring.Meanwhile,Spider is with high gray level under and low brightness configuration for a perfect image display effect with great sense of depth and color saturation.


Outdoor fixed FS Series LED screen adopts independent Modularized Design, supporting both front and rear service, integrated water-proof connector ensures high IP grade. When installed on the wall, it only requires simple steal structure, which could save much installation cost and time. Customer-made special components are used to fulfill full anti-static, anti-signal interference and anti-corrosion protection, all have made it the best choice for outdoor LED screen application.


MR LED also shows professional LED display integrated solutions, including solutions for transportation, energy, communication, police command center, Army command center and real estate. Big LED Screen displays HD picture via pixel to pixel way, could input diverse video and picture signal, very suitable for video monitoring, commanding and information sharing application and could help improve working efficiency. The professional solutions have won a unanimous applause from the audience.


We treat each customer with our great passion and pleasure, which makes our customer feel our profession,confidence,sincerity and our company’s future and prosperous.This is just the second day of this event,there are so many clients which are attracted and stand on our booth for long time chatting.And we are also here ready to meet our customer who comes all over the work tomorrow.


2017, better us, better MR Led.We are always keep moving and ready for win-win cooperation.

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