LED display screen control system

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LED Display Control System,Also known as LED display controller, LED display control card . It is composed of LED display core components, is mainly responsible for responsible for receiving images and video display information from the computer serial port or DVI interface , into the frame memory to generate the serial display of LED display which can be recognized by way of partition drive data and scan timing control

LED display asynchronous control system

LED display asynchronous control system , also known as the LED display line control system or offline card . Mainly used to display a variety of text , symbols and graphics , or animation -based . The screen displays information by computer editing, pre- placement LED display frame memory via RS232/485 serial port , and then by the screen display to play back, with rich and colorful display , diverse . Its main features are: simple operation , low cost , wider use . LED display simple asynchronous control system can only display digital clock , text, special characters .

LED display graphics asynchronous control system in addition to function with a simple control system , the biggest feature is the display content can be divided into regional control . Support analog clock , countdown , pictures, tables and animation . Timer switch, temperature control , humidity control and other functions.

LED display synchronization control system

LED display synchronous control system is mainly used to display video in real time , illustrations, notifications, etc. . Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color large-screen display . LED display synchronous control system to control the LED display work basically the same as a computer monitor , at least 60 / s update rate , real-time and little bit of the corresponding map image on the computer monitor , usually with multi - gray color display capacity , multimedia advertising effect . Its main features are: real-time , rich and expressive, more complex to operate , the price is high . A synchronized LED display control system in general by sending cards, reception cards, and DVI graphics .

LED control board

Display on the control card types , production control card companies , such as the Qing, Yang Bang , Yi-wide , Kim Han , etc. is simply divided into : full-color synchronous card asynchronous offline card full-color video off-line card With nearly two years the rapid development of LED display , LED control card market becomes more extensive , especially in 2009 just new from the U disk LED control card is used up , available serial port connected to a computer , can also be U disk transmission of information , the provincial PC -free routing, support for analog clock , water frame , U disk LED control card can be saved by computer , the provincial wiring .

C-type card ( Zoning card ) ( U disk and serial dual- Communications function)

1.Support a 4 sweep , 8 sweep 16 sweeping variety of indoor , outdoor , semi- outdoor single color display board , more than one card can be set arbitrarily .

2. support the water frame and analog clock function, a more prominent display content .

3.114688 points of the maximum controllable range of monochrome , two-color points by half, built - in 4 08 interface and four of 12 interfaces can be expanded to eight interfaces .

4.the display features : text , pictures , animation , EXCEL table , time , temperature, inverted (positive ) timer .

5.can be used to produce the first door screen, screen posters , car screen , and other kinds of various types of screen .

6.set the lock screen , built - in timer switch machine hours , can be arbitrarily set to use . LED control card.

7.the input information of the dual function of the serial communications and U disk . for multiple display functions of a U disk management to facilitate multi-screen centralized management .

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